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Customer Loyalty through Simple Gifts.

Instantly send digital gift cards to your most valued customers for all they do, with Perkalead.

No risk. All reward.

Reward your customers for their business, referrals, and loyalty.

There are no signup fees, no activation fees, and no monthly fees.

Create a Perkalead account, select your contacts, and send them an eGift card. It’s that easy.


Three reasons to try Perkalead

A proven marketing tactic to grow new business


Join the big brands in using Perkalead as the proven marketing tactic to grow new business, incentivize referrals, and generate loyalty.

Saves time for businesses


Save yourself time and do more business while you’re on the go.
Perkalead helps you send eGift Cards from wherever you are.

A flexible solution for sending one or multiple rewards


Send eGift an card to one person or a thousand. Reward your customers for new business, referrals, or just to say ‘Thank You’.

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eReward Card Options

More than just rewards

It doesn’t get any easier than this to make people feel like a million bucks. Get the customers you want, and keep the ones you have.

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So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one. There are no up front or ongoing costs. Simply pay for face value and deployment of your eGift cards, and enjoy the feeling of rewarding the people in your world.
Still not convinced? Read on.

How does Perkalead work?2018-12-05T09:30:10-05:00

It’s simple. Sign-up and select any one of our amazing eGift Cards and choose a denomination. Upload or enter your contacts’ email address and add a personalized note. Then click to have Perkalead send a reward email directly to their email inbox. Send anytime to anyone you like. It’s that easy.

Is there a fee to join?2018-12-05T09:29:41-05:00

Nope. There’s no signup, activation or monthly fees. You only pay for the value of the gift card and sending of your rewards.

How many rewards can I send?2018-12-05T09:29:17-05:00

You can send one or a thousand and one with just a few clicks. The choice is yours.

What kind of rewards can I send?2018-12-05T09:28:46-05:00

We have a wide variety of popular lifestyle eGift cards ranging from restaurants to spas for everyone on your list. Join now to check them out. Have we mentioned it’s free to get started?

Is my contacts’ information secure?2018-12-05T09:28:13-05:00

Yes, absolutely. We take security and encryption of all personal information on our platform very seriously. Banks and multi-national corporations trust us with their information every day and so can you.

Didn’t we convince you? We knew you’d come around.

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