In today’s digital age, many small and medium sized businesses are struggling to keep pace with shifting marketing practises. There is a huge opportunity for small businesses to grow their network using innovative digital marketing solutions. However, small business owners rarely have time to learn overly complex marketing methods. Nor do they have the energy to invest on tactics that are no longer useful in today’s marketplace. That’s why we’ve put together a list of books about small business marketing that include quick, actionable tactics to help you attract more leads and boost sales in a digital-first age.

These books are appropriate for all types of business owners, even those who have little to no understanding of digital technology. So, without further ado, here are 10 books about small business marketing you should read ASAP:

(Note: Each book is available on Amazon as an audiobook or on paperback, so you’ll have no problem getting your hands on a copy either.)

The Marketing Book: A Marketing Plan for Your Business Made Easy


Author: Jason McDonald

Amazon Star Rating: 4.9 (Out of 89 Reviews)  

Year Published: 2018

Available in print, Kindle, and as an Audible marketing audiobook, TMB brings a sense of humour and a strong dose of practicality to business promotion. It’s a book that’s as practical as the competitive Marketing for Dummies 2018 but more fun to read, with not just to-dos but a conceptual framework as what will no doubt be one of the best marketing books of 2019, and no doubt one of the bestselling marketing books of 2019. Bound to be a “marketing books bestsellers,” to bend the language in a digital way.

The Lead Machine: The Small Business Guide to Digital Marketing


Author: Rich Brooks

Amazon Star Rating: 4.9 (Out of 12 Reviews)  

Year Published: 2017

One of the most technical books featured on this list, The Lead Machine, is a great resource for small businesses looking for ways to boost their online presence, simply, and affordably. In it you’ll discover a simple, straight-forward method for digital marketing called the BARE Essentials of Digital Marketing.

  • Build – How to create a website that turns visitors into customers
  • Attract – What are the three most effective methods for driving highly qualified traffic to your site
  • Retain – How to stay in contact with prospects long after they’ve left your site
  • Evaluate – How to read and analyze your traffic reports so you can constantly improve your marketing and your conversion rates

If you’ve been looking to generate more leads from your website, rank higher on search engines, build an audience on social media, or get your ideal customers to opt into your email newsletter, this book is for you.

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