Why do eGift cards make the best customer rewards? In order for us to answer that question, we must cover a few important topics: customer retention and referrals. We can assume your clients are important to you, and retaining their business is an important part of your ongoing growth. Why? Well, there are numerous benefits to engaging and nurturing your client relationships, which we explain in detail here. But in summation: It’s much easier to keep existing customers coming back, then it is to attract new customers. Additionally, these loyal customers may eventually turn into advocates for your business and make referrals on your behalf. (Be sure to read, “How to Grow Your Small Business Without Burning the Midnight Oil” to understand referral marketing a bit better.) But how do you execute a retention program that is easy to deploy and is engaging enough for your customers to care?

Enter: eGift cards.

eGift cards are a great way to reward your customers without breaking the bank. They create a connection between you and your customer that insights feelings of happiness and joy. Let’s put it this way: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  That’s why eGift cards are a great way to reward customers. Moreover, the process of rewarding is made simple using a digital platform like Perkalead. But let’s show you instead of tell you why eGift cards make the best customer rewards. In order to do this, we think the best way to capture the feeling of sending and receiving eGift cards can be better explained using reaction GIFs.

The following 10 GIFs explains just why eGift cards make the best customer rewards:

Your customers’ reaction when you send them an eGift card for referring your business to their friends and family:

When your customer suddenly realizes you sent them an eGift card “just because”:

The look on your customers face when you send them a Perkalead eGift card, and you suddenly make eye contact:

When a customer gets your eGift card and struggles to contain their excitement:

When it’s your customers’ birthday and they get a surprise eGift card from you:


When you send your customers an eGift card to wish them “Happy Holidays”:


The sense of accomplishment you feel when you send your customer an eGift card:

Your financial outlook after sending your valued customers eGift cards:

When business is booming because of all the customers you’ve acquired with eGift cards:

The sheer sense of bliss upon realizing how easy it is to send an eGift card with Perkalead:


The bottomline: eGift cards are the best customer rewards because they make people happy and easy to deliver. Plus, happy customers are more likely to do business with you, and refer you to others. So, if you’re ready to start sending digital rewards and learn how more great businesses are leveraging eGift cards to fill their marketing funnel, sign up for your free Perkalead account now.