Local business owners understand that good customer service is essential to their success. However, many local businesses have few resources for handling problems with clientele. When problems arise it’s hard to dig yourself out of a sticky situation. For example, an electrician may run late to his next job, or a contractor may experience a delay in shipping materials, or a real estate agent may have to cancel a showing, or maybe a deal falls through unexpectedly. Those moments define your relationship with your customer, and they can make or break whether they use your service again. So, how can SMBs ensure their customers know they are important to them even when problems arise? Why not consider eGift cards?

Let’s consider some of the situations above, and how you can solve a problem quickly with eGift cards:

woman showing her watch late for appointmentYou’re Late for an Appointment

It happens. For instance, it’s 4:30pm and you’re travelling across the city to meet a client but you’re stuck in gridlock traffic. Now, your client has probably left work early, or made arrangements to ensure they are available to meet you. But you’re late, and they’re wondering if their business means anything to you. It’s safe to assume that doing a $9,000 roof or selling a $450,000 home is a big deal for small business owners; so it’s a good idea to prepare for situations like this.

The great thing about eGift cards is how quickly you can buy and send them. And when you have a Perkalead account, you can access eGift cards, and your contact’s information from anywhere. If a problem like tardiness arises, you can simply log in to your Perkalead account and send them a complimentary eGift card with a note stating your apologies. If you don’t have time to do so before you get there, your clients will surely appreciate the gesture even after the fact.

You Went Over Schedule

calendar date circledOne of the biggest pet peeves people complain about with home renovations, or even when selling their home, is when things go beyond schedule. An example springs to mind with a large home improvement retailer. The retailer was unable to ship the proper materials for nearly 3 months. Thus, causing major delays in the home renovation. Then, in the days leading up to the delivery, the home owner was notified they had lost her order. Naturally, sending them into a panic, and forcing them to reschedule the installation, again.

If large retailers, with access to resources to keep things running smoothly, are unable to meet customer expectations, we can only imagine small businesses face similar problems. Home owners understand, up until a certain point that renovations may be delayed a few weeks. But when you can see the frustration and disappointment starting to fester it’s time to take action. Now is the opportunity for you to not just talk the talk but walk the walk. And you can show your customer how much their business means to you in times of trouble by simply treating them with something like an Ultimate Dining eGift card, which can be purchased and sent via Perkalead.

In times like these, whoever you’re dealing with needs a reminder that it’s all going to be okay. By sending them a gift that gets them out of the house, and allows them to reconnect with each other, you are doing them, and your business, a huge favour. It gives you some time to get out of hot water, and will earn their trust back. Remember, you should not only consider their business, but all those they may refer to you later on. It’ll be worth it in the end!

When the Unexpected Happens

Everything is running smoothly; you’ve done your job well and your clients are happy. But suddenly, out of nowhere, something unexpected occurs, and you’re left scrambling to try and keep everyone calm. It’s bound to happen in any job, but especially in the trades and home renovations industry. That’s why it’s best to hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. When a wrench gets thrown at you, don’t sweat it. Yes, your charm, and winning personality may help save face for the time being but it’s best to have measures in place when bigger problems arise.

lady upset dropped ice cream

For instance, let’s say you’re a real estate agent, about to sell a house, and then the home inspection doesn’t go as planned. This is demoralizing for the home owners, as they may need to spend money to actually sell their house. Or on the flip-side, if you were planning to buy the house and spent money on a home inspector, only for them to tell you it didn’t pass. That’s a huge blow to their morale, and could turn them off buying a house altogether. It’s worth sending them a small gift, to help motivate them, and incentive them to put in the work that needs to be done. An eGift card is a small yet generous way to keep the wheels in motion, and help keep business on track.

Go on, and try it for yourself! See how good simple gifting feels. Sign up for your free Perkalead account today.