What are some of the biggest problems with gift cards that come to mind? We’ve touched on some of them in our previous posts. The issues range in severity, from more serious issues such as scam, to issues of blatant inefficiency. To provide a more concise understanding of the problems with gift cards, let’s round up the 5 biggest issues businesses and consumers face when sending and redeeming physical gift cards and how a digital solution can help solve them. Although physical gift cards are still popular amongst consumers, small businesses can benefit tremendously from harnessing a digital solution.

Discover the top 5 major problems with gift cards and how your small business can effectively incentivize customers using a digital solution now:

Cannot Send Multiple Cards at Once

As a small business owner packaging and mailing hundreds, or even thousands, of individual gift cards to customers is simply not feasible. Perhaps you want to send an annual holiday gift to all your current customers for using your business. It takes far too much time and energy to get this done all at once, so you’ll likely do this in increments in order to get the job done.

The Solution: A digital rewards platform allows you to customize and send gift cards instantly without wasting hours of your businesses precious time on customer retention and appreciation.

Time to Personalize Each

As mentioned earlier, customizing each physical card is difficult and time consuming. Most business owners want to a note or a personal message to their clients to show their appreciation. However, writing out, and customizing each message is nearly impossible. (Example: I usually get a Christmas card every year from my mortgage broker with simply his signature, and nothing else written inside.) Although it may be the thought that counts, there is something to be said about personalizing your communications with clients.

The Solution: A digital rewards platform allows you to quickly and easily personalize messages. You can save and edit templates you have previously sent. Additionally, each eGift is addressed by to the client by their name. This allows you to customize each message in less time, and build on your engagement and loyalty.

Accessibility to Gift Cards

In order to purchase gift cards, you typically go down to a brick and mortar location, and purchase the cards you want. Or, if you want to send eGift cards from an e-commerce store you must make those purchases separately. Plus, sometimes, you have no idea what kind of gift card you are looking for, so having a selection to choose from is important.

The Solution: It’s possible to have instant access to a catalog of different eGift cards without having to step foot outside of your house. Small businesses can instantly access a wide breadth of eGift cards using a digital rewards platform. This allows them to passively browse without commitment, and choose depending on the time of year, or who it’s for. This eliminates going into a physical location and making a purchase; a huge time and cost savings.

Postage and Mailing Delays

Another problem with gift cards is that it’s out of your hands when it reaches the end consumer. The ability to reach someone quickly to reward them for their business is an important part of maintaining engagement and retaining loyalty. Plus, it’s always stressful sending anything of monetary value through the mail. It can get lost, or even worse, the consumer can easily claim they did not receive it. We hope that consumers are honest, but unless you want to pay for tracking, anything is possible.

The Solution: A digital rewards platform allows you to instantly send and track your eGift card. There are no delays with delivery, no additional charges for tracking, and you can even see when the customer has starting using the card. This prevents any event that may impact your gift from getting to the end consumer.


Potential for Scam/Fraud

The 5th biggest problem with physical gift cards is the potential for scam and fraud. We wrote a post exclusively about how this problem impacts businesses and consumers, so if you want further details read: The Ugly Truth About Plastic Gift Cards You Need to Know. In short, scammers can scratch off the privacy code and begin draining the funds without your knowledge. So, once a physical card reaches the end consumer, they are left with nothing.

The Solution: By purchasing eGift cards via a secure platform like Perkalead you avoid any potential for scam. You can easily see how much money is on the card and track it’s usage. Rather than purchasing a card that’s been sitting on a shelf for months or years, a digital solution eliminates the risk of scammers having access to your card.

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