Perkalead Tactics

Here are a few of the ways that companies of all sizes use Perkalead to drive new business sales, loyalty, and results.

tactics for rewarding clients and generating new sales

Reward New Sales

Watch your sales performance grow by rewarding new sales during a select period.

cross selling rewards

Cross-Sell Existing Customers

Repeat customers are easier to sell to (and they spend more money).
Reward your customers for trialing new products or upgrading their service with just a few clicks.

rewarding new referrals

Reward Referrals

Refer-a-friend programs are one of the easiest way to drive new sales.  Referred sales prospects buy faster, buy more, and have greater loyalty.  Use Perkalead to reward your referrals.

drip rewards

Drip Rewards

Companies that offer a small incentive in return for trialing a product, followed by a greater reward a few days later to come back and purchase the item, see great returns.

holiday giving solutions

Holiday Gifting

Reward your VIP and loyal customers quickly, efficiently, and effectively during holiday season with the click of a button.

driving social with rewards

Drive Social Media and Online Sales

Reward users for reading and sharing content, completing sign-up forms, or for attending a webinar with just a few clicks.
Perkalead provides a simple way to convert online sales traffic into quantifiable results.

By now you’re probably convinced of the wisdom of joining Perkalead.

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