Are you using digital gift cards to reward your customers and prospects for using your business? Many small and medium sized business owners like plumbers, roofers, and even real estate agents want to reward their loyal clients for the work they hire them for. It’s a friendly gesture that strengthens the business relationship but also incentivizes the person to come back time and time again. However, many small and medium sized business owners are wasting their own time and money on small gifts that could be replaced with digital gift cards.

As a consumer, how often have you received a bottle of champagne, a physical gift card, or even a box of baked goods from a business owner who was thanking you for your business? In recent years, it may be a trend that’s slowing due to the inconvenience of sending a simple “Thank you”.

But it’s time to bring the simple gift back into the digital age. Now business owners have an opportunity to reward customers and manage their client rewards with the click of a button. The lasting benefits of sending a digital gift card are many for business owners; and not sending them can negatively impact your overall sales.

Here are 4 reasons why you should start sending digital gift cards or risk precious time and sales:

Digital gift cards are instant, and timely.

You don’t have to wait 5-7 business days for it to be delivered. Simply log-in, pick your eGift card of choice, and send it instantly to a deserving customer. You could be missing out on a sale, or a potential referral, if you wait on sending out rewards. The ability to show your appreciation instantly speeds up the customer journey, and your sales cycle.

Additionally, if you want to surprise a customer with a birthday gift, or create a promotion during slow periods in your business, you can schedule your rewards around those dates. It’s difficult to do this with physical gifts.

No shipping costs or wrapping needed – saving time and money.

This speaks for itself, but in case you’ve never wrapped or shipped a gift before, this process is quite time consuming and stressful. For example, a company wants to send awards and gift cards to three of their top paying clients. This requires purchasing gift cards, writing each out manually, and purchasing expensive packaging to ensure nothing is lost in transit. If, for some reason it gets lost or stolen, the end consumer will never receive their gift, and the business is out hundreds of dollars for a simple gift.

The ability to send digital gift cards removes the time, energy, and costs of shipping and packaging client gifts. This saves the business time, money, and their sanity

You can include a personalized message.

As mentioned earlier, adding a personal note is an important way for small and medium sized businesses to show their appreciation. However, try writing thousands of hand-written notes to all your customers each time you want to send them a reward for referring your business. It’s just not possible. The ability to send a personal note, or thank you, digitally, has many perks. For example, you can create canned messages and address them to multiple consumers at one time. Not only do you add a personal touch but you can do this for hundreds of contacts in a few simple clicks. See more about how Perkalead works here.

Great last-minute gift giving for busy business owners.

Did you forget a client’s birthday? Maybe you ran out of time to buy a holiday gift for your highest paying customers. Whatever the reason may be, digital gift cards provide the flexibility and efficiency to send your gifts, and show your appreciation without the hassle of physical purchases. There’s really no better way for busy business owners to effectively reward clients and leads than with digital gift cards. It’s simple gifting on autopilot.

Want to give digital gift cards a try? Sign up for your free account now, and send your first eGift card in a matter of minutes!