Small business owners have a lot on their plate. Whether you’re in roofing, landscaping, flooring, plumbing or other trades business, going from job to job and managing your workers is all you really have time for in a day. That’s why in many cases, small business owners do not have the time or resources to execute and manage extensive marketing programs. They rely on word-of-mouth and good Google ratings to keep clients calling. That’s why it’s important to have a quick and easy way to reward new prospects and referrals. If you’re a business that relies on referrals to drive new business, which many of the industries above do, you must find ways to incentivize your existing customers to promote your work. Some small businesses rely on traditional gift cards to reward their customers and prospects. However, physical gift cards can be problematic for a number of reasons. small business 2-service business rewards


Trades workers can’t go from job to job carrying around physical gift cards to hand out. The liability of losing cash rewards is too large. Additionally, having to continually repurchase cards in bulk is time consuming and costly. Plus, your workers need access to your rewards inventory, so putting the liability on them to ensure everything is managed properly is just poor business practice.

Another downfall of the physical gift card strategy is its sustainability. For you to properly manage a referral marketing program you must be able to effectively track and reward in a timely fashion. The need to purchase, write out individual notes, and mail them is impossible to manage long-term.

Why eGift Cards Can Make Rewarding Easier for Small Business

Digital, or eGift cards, eliminate the stress, time and effort it takes small business owners to manage their engagement programs. Easily collect customer data, store it, and instantly send eGifts on the go. eGift cards are a much smarter solution for any small business on the go. Perkalead’s platform makes managing your referral and retention program a breeze. It includes:


  • Instant access to a wide range of eGift cards
  • The option to customize and personalize each eGift
  • Import your contact lists in bulk, so you can send out mass eGifts/promotions
  • Track and monitor eGift card redemption
  • Easily purchase and buy credits for eGift cards at any time

Perkalead’s eGift card platform helps makes building a marketing strategy a reality for many small businesses looking to grow. See how it works, and explore how other businesses are benefiting from this solution.